Elm Hill Pontoon Opening

Join us for the opening of our Elm Hill pontoon! In addition to our base and launch spot at The Red Lion pub on Bishopgate, we now have a new stop-off point in the city centre at the Elm Hill Quay pontoon (behind Elm Hill and next to The Ribs of Beef).

Come along to the Elm Hill pontoon for free 30-minute canoe rentals on Friday 4th May between 5-8pm! Book your spot online or just come along on the day and start your Bank Holiday weekend in style!

Canoes by Pub and Paddle
Sausages by Archers Butchers
Beer by Ribs Of Beef (no beers prior to canoeing pls! You won’t be able to go canoeing if you appear to be under the influence of alcohol…)

Goodies: We have a free “SHhhh Guide to Norwich” for the first 15 people who join us on the day!

Ps. Kids over 10 are very welcome to come along, however under 16s do need to be accompanied by at least one adult per canoe.

Please note: The canoes are all booked now for the Elm Hill pontoon opening on 04 May. We have additional canoes that will be available on the day on a first-come first-served basis so pop along between 5-8pm! The pontoon is at the back of Elm Hill and next to the Ribs of Beef. See you there!

Book your free 30-minute Canoe Rental: